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AIDI FLASHING contributed to a safer night when you walk with your dog and family's. Our main product is led dog collar, led dog leash, led dog harness.

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If You Ever Walk Your Dog at Midnight, You Would like To Read This

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If You Ever Walk Your Dog at midnight, you would like To read This

As the days get shorter, we have a tendency to begin doing a lot of things with our dogs after dark. however nighttime brings with it a bunch of risks which will endanger you and your dog, from predators to cars. square measure you being safe?


Use a Collar or Leash. Taking your dog out at midnight means that you're at a drawback. Your dog will see much better within the dark than you, thus she is going to notice, say a rabbit concealment during a bush, that you simply can haven't any plan is there. So, whereas I invariably advocate leashed dogs, it's even a lot of necessary at midnight once your dog might commence once one thing and you'll lose sight of him quickly.

Flexi-leads. they're dangerous. At night, even a lot of thus as a result of the lead is simply thus onerous to see! I don’t knowledge repeatedly I actually have seen somebody walking their dog around already dark and that i assume the dog is off-leash; I actually have even slammed on my breaks as a dog approached the sting of a walk, solely to comprehend the owner is holding a Flexi-lead handle. Ugh. He might have caused associate degree accident. He might conjointly trip passersby WHO don’t see the lead either. If you want to use one, don’t use it at night!

Don’t wear dark covering. this could be wisdom, nonetheless I see it all the time.

Stick to lighted areas. sadly, the globe keeps obtaining scarier. you're abundant safer if you walk on lighted ways, sidewalks, etc.

Walk in Pairs. Particularly important if you live somewhere with a high crime rate (after all, we want you and your dog to be safe!). It also happens to be more enjoyable.


In addition to “street smarts,” there are some products out there that make walking in the dark safer.

Reflective. Not just for you, but also your dog. Many companies have reflective jackets, collars, leashes, raincoats, etc, for your dog to wear. You can find them at most pet stores or online.

Light-up. These are some of ours new items! In fact, we just branch four new item for your dogs that is bright orange, neon green, purple and neon pink. They light-up really well, have a flashing or steady feature and come with rechargeable batteries. 

The AIDI FLASHING is great if you want a brand new collar and leash, you can attach it to whatever you already use, including a harness, and you can see yards ahead of you, making walking safer. In addition, the brilliant light-weight can create it easier to select up once your pet and it's conjointly visible underneath long-hair.


AIDI FLASHING Product Co., LTD was established in 2007, situated in Houjie city of Dongguan town. and that we devote ourselves to the assembly and researching of LED pet product, LED flashing gifts and outdoor safety product. At present, our main markets square measure Europe and North America, and product we tend to export square measure extremely popular there. we've got a really high name within the market areas. As “Honest business, quality first” is that the church doctrine we tend to insist. With the benefits of excellence quality, cheap price, smart after service, we have a tendency to keep an extended term mutual relationship with our shoppers, like ALDI, LIDL, Wal-Mart.

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