How To Wear A Harness For A Dog
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The puppy may be more disgusted with the pet collar, and it is advisable to use the pet harness first.

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How To Wear A Harness For A Dog

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How To Wear A Harness For A Dog


One. Wearable method

1. rope sleeve structure

The dog harness is divided into two parts, one is a stretch band and the other is the back of the chest (the one that is the same in a triangle).


2. concrete method

Open the button on the chest and back and put it on the ground to make a 8 word. Then the simplest way is to put the two forelegs of the dog into two circles, then pick up the two buttons of the button, and buckle the hook on the back.

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Two. The method of using the traction rope

The pet harness is the necessary tool for us to travel with the dog. The correct way to use it is the key to the relaxation of the dog and your accompanying. The manufacturing experts share the following use and experience with us:

The puppy may be more disgusted with the pet collar, and it is advisable to use the pet harness first.

The young dog travel, because the external environment is more strange, it is better to pull the rope before going out, and to comfort and encourage the whisper

When the dog accustomed to using chest straps traction accompanying, the owner can use to collar traction, can be more effective control dogs accompanying, also can prevent hair knot.

At first, the pet collar should be tight and moderate in order to be able to put in two fingers. The owner and the dog are applicable for drawing rope, may be appropriate to relax the collar.

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When you travel, the owner can be in the left side of the dog, the right hand holds the rope in the waist, the dog is in parallel with you or later.

In the course of progress, the rhythm of the dog's marching is closely concerned. The master must be ready to shake the warning of the rope, and the amplitude should not be too large.

When running normally, the traction rope should have a slight sag arc, and the rope body should be relaxed. If the dog Spurs forward, the master makes the instantaneous trembling movement, the dog can realize the warning of the owner immediately.

Follow a piece of backwardness smoothly, give the spirit and material reward in time.

The last point is to remind us that the dog travel must not be forced to pull away, the excellent travel is easy to "pull" out.

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