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LED Lighted Dog Collars for Night Visibility

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Lighted dog collars can make your pet more visible and safer at night. But which are the brightest collars? And are there any you should avoid? In this article, We reviews five of the best LED and lighted dog collars to help keep your pet safe.

Night-time walking is often a necessity - especially in winter - but it can be dangerous. The most obvious hazard is road traffic, as a driver might see you but not your dog. This is especially likely for dogs with dark coats.

Keeping your dog visible isn't just about road safety though. A dog that's difficult to see can be unnerving for pedestrians. I've seen several dogs startle people by silently bounding up to them on a longer leash  - in one case leading to a heated argument. It can also be hard to see where your dog has pooped so you can pick it up.

For these reasons, many pet collars, leashes and led leashes come with a reflective design. When a headlight shines on them, the light is reflected back to make your dog more visible. These are great for walking near well-lit roads - but they don't help you (or other people) see your dog in the dark.

That's why light-up dog collars with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have become more common. These use battery-power to either flash or glow, making your dog much more visible at night. In this article, I've reviewed five of the best LED dog collars to help you get a great product for your pet.

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