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If you are a jogger, runner, or a cyclist, you know that wearing reflective clothing and flashing LED lights is the only way to stay safe on the road. Why not give your pets the protection they deserve? The AIDI FLASHING LED dog collar provides a glow that can be seen from 300 meters away! keeping your dog visible at all times.

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Why you should buy a Lighted Dog Collar

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LED Lighted Up Dog Collar

As dog owners, we know what can happen in one second ...

Your dog sees a squirrel and runs after them, your dogs see another dog and lunges towards the street, etc. These are dangerous in daylight but at night, it could result in a car or cyclist, not seeing your dog and your dog getting hurt.

That's the top reason to get a lighted collar-  to add the safety of 360-degree visibility so your dog is seen.  A led dog collar is better than a blinker or a collar light which hangs under your dog's neck.  Most lighted collars have a steady or flashing motion.  The flashing motion increases visibility in any weather condition.  
The second reason is so you can see your dog at night.  Whether your dog is out on your farm, going out to do their business in your yard, or romping in the dog park - it's critical to keep an eye on them in case of emergency.
At AIDI, we strive to create the brightest most durable lighted collar. We try to keep the prices low as possible. When we hear from customers how we kept your dog safe, our day is made.  Thanks for your support and keep sending us those stories. 

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